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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Deer crossing

Deer crossing
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A few days after having returned to Austin from 7 months in the Antipodes (Australia & NZ), I walked to the bus stop; I don't remember where I went. Anyway, during the walk, I came across this "deer crossing" sign and immediately took a photograph. Why? Well, after months of becoming accustomed to koala-, kangaroo-, wombat-, sheep-, duck-, stinger-, and pushbike/bicycle crossing signs; a deer crossing sign was exotic, foreign and un-Antipodean. It was as if I had never seen that sign before.

Then, seconds after taking the photo, I remembered that deer are all over Austin -- as are the deer crossing signs -- and that I knew that already. Dag. I guess that I thought that I was still in Australia, somehow.

Re-entry was discombobulating. Still is, over a year later.


Blogger Cris said...

Whoa, I was doing a search for texas blogs and I recognized your photo from flickr.

13 June, 2005 23:24


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