From Austin to Oz. I'm planning to flee the country for 7 months - working for 4 and traveling for 3.
Departure = 03 Sep 2003 / Re-entry = 03 Apr 2004

Monday, September 08, 2003


Sydney wears black like rice wears white.

Speaking of black, I walked into a cafe this morning at 07h30 and ordered a large espresso. (OK, OK, for those of y'all wondering why Julian is awake at 7h30AM, let me remind y'all that there is a 15-hour time difference between Austin and Sydney, so 07h30 in Sydney is 20h30 (8h30PM) in Austin, which is right about when I'm normally waking up. HA!) The guy behind the counter didn't understand what I wanted. Come to find out, "espresso" in Australian is "all-black." Expecting just a thimble of bean tar, instead, I received a very oversized coffee cup full of espresso. Whoa. I thought to myself, "I can't drink all that much espresso! I'll be up all day and night for the rest of the week. For days, I won't be able to stop shaking like a quarter bed in Vegas. I think that the coffeeman made a mistake. This huge cup for less than $2US? What am I going to do with all this coffee? How many coffee addicts could I feed for just the price of this one? Do I ask for a take-away cup and sip this for the rest of my Monday? ... (eyes scan cafe) .... Is anybody looking at me drink this entire cup?"


I'm coming back tomorrow. (wink)


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