From Austin to Oz. I'm planning to flee the country for 7 months - working for 4 and traveling for 3.
Departure = 03 Sep 2003 / Re-entry = 03 Apr 2004

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Happy Thanksgiving! My fellow Mericans, glug down a turkey soda on my behalf, would y'all?

Eid mubarek to my fellow Muslim humans. May the new year bring more understanding of your religion to the world community.

All Muslims are not terrorists, just as all Catholics are not IRA terrorists, all Protestants are not Orangemen terrorists, all Baptists are not abortion clinic terrorists, all Basques are not ETA separatist terrorists, all Indonesians are not Acehnese separatist terrorists, all Corisicans are not separatist terrorists, all Germans are not Nazis, all Americans are not DC snipers/Oklahoma City bombers/Houston babydrowners, and all Texans are not end-of-the-world fearing, David Koresh-following Branch Davidians.

Stereotypes are easy to assemble and nigh impossible to destroy.


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