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Monday, November 17, 2003


Fed up with the (1) collaborative manipulation by the US Military and Bush Administration, (2) the US becoming a pariah state run by religious conservatives, according to a growing list of nations, (3) decay of civil liberties that once set the USA apart from aristocratic dictatorships, and (4) waste of MY tax dollars, I demand that all American newspapers immediately install a daily quadrant in the “A” section that provides a list of statistics (as of 18 Nov 2003):

798 days since 11 Sep 2001
2’600 people killed on 11 Sep 2001, of which
____ are Americans
798 days that Bush has YET to locate Osama bin Laden

772 days since the USA invaded Afghanistan
____ people killed in Afghanistan, of which
____ are Americans
____ are Afghani civilians

243 days since the USA invaded Iraq
____ people killed in Iraq, of which
400 are Americans
9’708 are Iraqi civilians
$85,570,000,000 the cost of the Iraqi invasion
0 weapons of mass destruction found in Iraqi
243 days that Bush has YET to locate Saddam Hussein

1 trillion lies told to the American people by the Bush Administration

Statistics like these would crumble the Bush Administration because it would reveal how ineffective, wasteful, and hollow it is. And, it would force Americans to admit their own belligerence.


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