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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Fiji v. USA

Earlier today, Robin and I attended our first Rugby World Cup match -- actually, our first rugby game, ever. Fiji v. USA. Most Americans probably don't know where Fiji is located (just NE of Australia), but then again, most Americans probably don't know where Canada or Mexico is, either.

We found our seats 40 min into the game, Aisle 640, Row 66, Seats 30 & 31. Some bloody wanker was sitting in my seat, so the usher yanked him faster than yucky tucker at Macker's.

The score was USA 6 - 3 Fiji.
Then, USA 11 - 3 Fiji.
Then, USA 13 - 6 Fiji.
Then, USA 13 - 13 Fiji.
Then, Fiji 19 - USA 13.

The very last second, and I mean the very last second of the 80-minute game, the USA scored a final try ("touchdown" for fans of gridiron/American football). Fiji 19 - USA 18. If USA Eagle rugby player Hercus could make the extra point, it would tie up the score and go into overtime. Of all the games played since the start of the World Cup, this one was by far the closest.

The crowd is frenzy. Fijian and American flags flying boldly throughout the crowd of 30,000 spectators, many with faces painted black & white or light blue (for Fiji) and combinations of red, white, and blue (for the USA). The "wave" spinning faster and faster among the three tiers of seats. Chants of "FI-JI" / "U-S-A" / "FI-JI" / "U-S-A" drowing the announcers' comments.

Hercus prepares the ball.
No time on the clock.
He runs towards it.
No second try.
The crowd hushes as the sound of the impact of hit foot on the white oblong.
No "do-over".
The ball soars across the field, arching towards the goal post.

The ball falls outside the post. Fiji wins. The USA loses its second match, thus far. Emptying the stadium, the crowd sings along with the speakers to Fijian songs.

I have a hunch that on the way back to the USA, the USA Eagles will open the airplane door over the Pacific Ocean and push Hercus out. He may be lucky and land in Hawaii. Or, worse, Fiji.


Afterwards, Robin and I walked up Caxton Street, home to many outdoor restaurants and bars. Happy. We found a pizza parlor whose exterior reminded us of The Parlor on North Loop. Altho disappointed by the pizza (well, really, can ANYTHING compare to The Parlor?), I have found a new juice drink: Nudie. Has the same sound as Priscila's dawg. And a right cheeky name, isn't it?


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