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Monday, September 29, 2003

Queensland pet "turtles"?

Brisbane is the capital of the State of Queensland, Australia. Tomorrow, I am planning to visit the Queensland Museum. It is only about a block away from our building. While surfing on the museum's website earlier today, I learned heaps of Queenslander things to whet my appetite of what I will see. One of the exhibits that I think is supahkool but whose mere thought I know will make the girls scrunch their noses, squeal like piglets, flap their hands up and down rapidly, and hop in a jagged circle (I don't know why girls do this; they just do.) is the one of the MEGA-ROACHES:

"Queensland has unique giant cockroaches, quite unlike those from any other parts of the world.

There are about 20 different kinds of giant cockroaches. All are wingless, glossy dark brown and stout bodied and are sometimes mistaken as turtles. They live in deep burrows in the bush and feed on dead leaves, which they drag down from the surface. The females give birth to live babies, which they care for in the burrows for up to 2 years. The most popular exhibit in the Inquiry Centre is a live colony of Macropanesthia rhinoceros, the largest cockroach in the world. They make interesting pets and are available from some pet shops as 'macrobugs'.

Recently, Museum entomologists found a site near Middlemount in central Queensland where the cockroaches were the largest ever recorded. These record-breaking giants weighed more than 30 gm each (the weight of 2 sparrows) and measured 80 mm long. "


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