From Austin to Oz. I'm planning to flee the country for 7 months - working for 4 and traveling for 3.
Departure = 03 Sep 2003 / Re-entry = 03 Apr 2004

Saturday, March 06, 2004


Today, I woke up as 25% of a group of Austinites in Tauranga, New Zealand, and tonight, I go to sleep as a sole traveler in Auckland, New Zealand.

Earlier this evening, I left me mates Trevor, Jen, and Kim at the Auckland Airport to board their Qantas flight to Los Angeles. After waiting to see their plane disappear into the ever-present low-flying clouds of Auckland, I headed back to the hire car and drove to downtown Auckland to register at the youth hostel, from where I jot down these few lines.

So, now what? I don't know, really. I only know that on 03 April, I fly from Sydney to Austin. I plan to stay two nights in Auckland, and then take it from there. Any suggestions? I'd like to spend at least 2 weeks trapsing around the South Island. Hmm...


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