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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Where are we Jen and Kim?

While in Queensland, Kim and I had different guidebooks, mine was a Lonely Planet: Australia which was given to me as part of my Working Holiday Visa scheme. Kim had this other one that listed more, ahem, 'refined' activities that LP didn't mention. Without Kim's guidebook, we would have never discovered the Art Deco coffehouse in Katoomba. Remember kids, one guidebook should not be your only source.

While in Queensland (specifically, the Gold Coast - which is Australian for "LasVegasMiamiOrlandoAtlanticCity"), Kim fererenced her guidebook and suggested that we leave the coastal confines of Surfers Paradise and head less than an hour away to Lamington National Park. What a great idea to visit during the week because we had the whole park to ourselves (pretty much) during our several-hour hike. We didn't see as much wildlife as we had expected, altho we did spot a few small marsupials. Twas a splended walk in the forest and after, I was chuffed. I believe that later that night upon returning to Surfers Paradise, we four discovered the "mates' tray".

Here's a write-up about Lamington National Park in the Sydney Mornning Herald.


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